About The Photo Shop

Catering for the traditional film photographer, darkroom enthusiast and fine-art printer, The Photo Shop offers a wide range of film, paper, chemistry and other darkroom products at competitive prices. The Photo Shop is Ireland's only one-stop online store for traditional photographic products. In the past, the film photographer had to purchase from online stores in the UK and mainland Europe. This involved paying high carriage charges and in some cases high minimum order values. At The Photo Shop, we offer excellent carriage rates and do not require minimum orders.

Thankfully for the traditional photographer, there is still a wide range of darkroom products available today and we have chosen to stock what we deem to be the best in each category. If there is a specific product you require which we do not currently stock, then please let us know and we can possibly get what you need, as we place regular orders with our suppliers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have with regard to using any of the products we supply.

All our films and papers are stored in a cool environment which gaurantees you receive them in excellent condition.

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