Rollei Black & White Reversal Kit

Rollei Black & White Reversal Kit
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"Turn your negatives into positives"

In a classic negative the light parts are black and the shadows are white. Only once it is printed onto paper do you receive an accurate positive image. The Reverse process is a unique way to bypass the negative and transform the film into a positive or slide.

Advantages of reversal processing:

  • High sharpness and maximum blackness (Dmax)
  • Large tonal range
  • High contrast range and differentiation
  • Improved scanning properties

Advantages of Rollei's Black & White Reversal Kit:

  • Greater processing tolerance
  • Shorter development times
  • High yield of concentrates
  • Improved shelf life
  • Processes up to 20 rolls of 135 or 120 film for less than €4 per roll.

The reverse processing places particular demands on the film material. Accordingly, not every film that delivers good results as a negative is suitable for reverse development. Brilliant slides require a low emulsion fog level and high density. Suitable films have a high silver content, which is poured in a thin layer over a transparent substrate.

The Rollei Black & White Reversal Kit has been specially optimized for the following films:

  • Rollei films:- Superpan 200, Retro 80S, Retro 400s, Infrared 400.
  • Other manufacturers:- Ilford Delta 100, Delta 400 & Kodak Tri-X Pan 400.

The Rollei B/W film reversal process is based on the process that has been used for over a decade by Agenzia Luce in Trieste, Italy. Compared to standard products this process features greater processing tolerance, higher lifetime and yield of the baths, and a lower impact on the environment and health. The print tone is neutral, the maximum black and tone reproduction is optimized.

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