Arista Ortho Litho Film 3.0 - 10"x12" (25 Sheet)

Arista Ortho Litho Film 3.0 - 10"x12" (25 Sheet)
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Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 is a halftone film designed for rapid access processing. While this film has been produced for high contrast and continuous tone results, it can also be used for making enlarged negatives for alternative processes such as Cyanotype, Vandyke, Kallitype and many others. Full instructions on how to make enlarged negs for alternative processes are included with the film.


-         Can be processed under red safe light

-         Very steep gradation and gradation tone

-         Exceptional dot and line sharpness

-         Wide exposure latitude and development latitude

-         Low Minimum density and good UV transmission

-         Faithful reproduction of the original

-         High maximum density

-         Anti-static layer for dust-free handling

-         Anti-Stress layer to help protect against scratches and other damage

-         Special layer in the emulsion to prevent Newton rings

-         ISO rating can rely on process, but generally can be rated at .5 - 6 iso

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