Moersch MT3 Vario (Sepia) Toner Kit 1

Moersch MT3 Vario (Sepia) Toner Kit 1
Brand: Moersch Photochemie
Product Code: MT3-1
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We highly rate this sepia toner from one of the top photographic chemistry producers of today. MT3 Vario is an odourless thiourea sepia toner for indirect sulphide toning. By varying the ratio between toner and activator, and by bleaching to varying degrees, it is possible to achieve image tones ranging from bright yellow via gold-ochre to red-brown. If the toner starts getting weaker, it can be replenish with stock solution.

It is possible to use only parts of all stock solutions. Even after opening they are good for years. The bleach stock has an almost unlimited shelf life.

Kit 1 consists of 100ml of bleach to make 1- 4 litres of working solution, 100ml toner and 250ml activator to make 1-2 litres of working solution.

There are cheaper sepia kits on the market but not all come as a three part kit as MT3 which provides for a wider range of possible colours.

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