Developing Kit for 35mm Film

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This kit includes all the equipment you need to develop 35mm films. The following is included:

1 x Changing Bag

1 x Paterson Universal Developing Tank incl. 2 Film Reels (allows up to 2 rolls of film to be developed)

1 x Thermometer

1 x 50ml Graduated Cylinder (for measuring small amounts of developer)

1 x 100ml Graduated Beaker (for measuring appropriate amounts of fixer)

2 x 1 Litre Mixing Jugs (1 for developer & 1 for fixer)

1 x Mixing Rod

2 x Film Hanging Clips

1 x 120ml Bottle of Wetting Agent

20 x Glassine Negative Sleeves (for safe storage of your developed films)

The only extra items required are a scissors and bottle opener plus your choice of film developer and fixer. We would recommend an easy to use liquid developer such as Agfa RO9 Special, Ilford DDX or Kodak Tmax. Ilford Rapid Fixer will be perfect but an acid stop bath is not required as a few changes of water will be sufficient between development and fixing. If you wish to develop 120 film, this kit is perfect for processing one roll at a time.

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