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RA4 Colour Paper is available on request only. Please contact us for prices and lead times.

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Tetenal C41 Kit 1L
Liquid Processing kit consisting of colour developer, bleach fix plus stabilizer for C-41 compati..
Rollei C41 Kit 1L
Rollei six part C41 processing kit which will develop 12 to 16 rolls. 2.5L and 5L ..
Rollei C41 Kit 2.5L
Rollei six part C41 processing kit which will develop 30 to 40 rolls. The use of Tetenal Protecta..
Tetenal E6 3-Bath Kit 2.5L
Save money by developing your own transparency films with this excellent E6 kit. Advanced 3 ..
Kodak Ektacolor RA4 Developer (5L Kit)
We highly recommend this RA4 print developer which can be used in Trays, Drums and Roller Tr..
Kodak Ektacolor RA4 Blix (5L Kit)
Designed to be used with the Ektacolor RA4 Developer kit, this Blix kit comes in two parts and ha..
Tetenal Protectan Spray 400ml
Tetenal Protectan Spray is used to prolong the life of concentrates and working solutions. Spray ..
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