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Moersch MT3 Vario (Sepia) Toner Kit 2
We highly rate this sepia toner from one of the top photographic chemistry producers of today. MT..
Moersch MT5 Sepia Polysulphide Toner - 250ml
MT5 is a Polysulfide toner that leads to cool brown image tones. The main difference of this type..
Ilford Wash Aid 1 Litre
ILFORD WASHAID is a convenient liquid hypo clearing agent used to aid the effi..
Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent 3.8L
Kodak's Hypo Clearing Agent offers exceptional value for money as it is supplied in..
Meorsch Fixing Bath Test Solution
Agfa Ag Stab (Sistan) 1200ml
AG STAB (formerly SISTAN) is an image stabilizer which protects films and papers from changes in ..
Kodak Photo-Flo 470ml
Kodak Photo-Flo is a wetting agent which aids the drying of film. It decreases water-surface tens..
Moersch Copper Bleach 500ml
For bleach and re-development in Lith developer or sulfide toners. ..
Moersch Reversal Bleech 1L
Potassium Dichromate based bleech for reversal processing of B&W films. Diluted 1:9. ..
Fotospeed FR10 Farmers Reducer (2x250ml)
Can be used to reduce the density of B&W negatives or to brighten the highlights of B&W p..
Fotospeed CI10 Chrom. Intensifier 150ml
Fotospeed’s CI10 Chromium Intensifier is designed for use on under developed negatives and ..
Sodium Sulphite - 500g
Used as a stop bath for Polysulpfide toners. Can also be used as a Hypo Clearing Agent. ..
Tetenal Protectan Spray 400ml
Tetenal Protectan Spray is used to prolong the life of concentrates and working solutions. Spray ..
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