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Here you will find reduced prices on short dated or out of date products as well as some used items. All our films are properly stored so even if passed their use by date, we are confident they will work perfectly for some time yet. 

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Ilford Pan-F Plus 50 135-36 (Expiry June 2017)
PAN-F Plus at ISO 50 is the slowest of the Ilford films, but when image quality, fine detail and ..
€6.89 €4.99
Jessops Film Developing Tank including 2 Reels
Developing tank with two film reels for the processing of 2 x 35mm or 1 x 120 film. Used once so ..
Paterson Developing Tank including 1 Reel
For processing 1 roll of 35mm. Used once so in mint condition. ..
Fuji Neopan Acros 100 120 (Expiry Aug. 2017)
€5.95 €4.95
Kodak Tmax 100 120 (Expiry Aug. 2017, 2 rolls remaining)
Kodak's new T-Max 100 is reported to be the finest grain 100 speed black and white film avail..
€5.95 €4.95
Fujichrome Provia 100F 120 (Expiry Sept. 2017 - 6 rolls remaining)
Fujichrome Provia 100F is a transparency film that can provide the realistic and sensitive reprod..
€7.99 €6.99
Ilford SFX 200 120 (Expiry Nov. 2017)
SFX 200 is a medium speed black and white camera film for creative photography. It has extended r..
€6.89 €6.19
Fuji Pro 160NS 120 (Expiry Aug. 2017 - 3 rolls remaining)
Fujicolor Pro 160NS (formally Pro 160S) is an ISO 160 speed daylight balanced colour negative fil..
€6.89 €5.85
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